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Monthly Archives: April 2018

Post-Processing in Photomatix

After you have the program, open Photomatix, click the Generate HDR button, and then select your photos. You’ll then see a dialog box with some options like “Align source images”, “Reduce noise”, etc. I would recommend ticking all of them on and then click OK. Photomatix will combine the images together and then show you a preview of an unprocessed HDR photograph. This preview will look ugly because it has not been tone-mapped yet. In order to tone-map the photo, click Process > Tone […]

Portrait Photography: Setting up your camera

Your digital camera has a bewildering array of features and while this is great in some respects, the choices can be confusing. Here we explain the tools that you need to know about when photographing portraits. Exposure mode: Don’t think about using the Portrait program mode  you’re more than a happy snapper if you’re reading this guide. Instead, select aperture-priority AE mode (A or Av), which lets you choose the aperture, while automatically setting the appropriate shutter speed.For most types of portraiture, you’ll want to […]